Thursday, 15 July 2010

Annual Convention Second Hand Stall

Forms and sticker sheets for our ever popular Secondhand Stalls at the Annual Convention, are now available directly from the PAC website, where assorted links have been included. They can also be accessed directly here at the links below.

Tackle Items For Sale Sheet (PDF)
Tackle For Sale Stickers (PDF)

Members wishing to sell those unwanted items of tackle or lures, are requested to complete the Main Tackle Form and then either cut out and sellotape the sticker to the relevant numbered tackle item; or print them out directly onto an applicable sized sheet of stickers.
The stall has over the past few years seen some real bargains sold on the stands, with some especially rare/signed books often gracing the table along with loads of rods, reels, luggage, etc. The sheer number of lures that sometimes grace the table, make the display look like something out of Aladdin's cave..
Forms and stickers are also available directly from the Events Manager Mick Crisp, or from the webmaster via either e-mail or by snail mail for those without access to the Internet.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Essex Region 102

Newly re-formed Essex Region 102 are proud to announce their first two talks of the year. First to grace their stage will be well known expert Dave Horton, who will give his much-acclaimed talk on those 20 and 30 pounders that have breached the landing net ftom just about every type of venue that holds pike. This talk will take place on Wednesday September the 8th, from 7.30pm. Visit the venue HERE. Cost of entry is £4 for Pac boys and £5 for non-members.

Their second talk will be a Classic! with John Goble, captor of the biggest river pike in Britain giving his first talk ever to the region's members and non-members alike on October 13th. This talk will have half the proceeds going to a cancer charity for John's late friend and lure legend Charlie Bettell.
The venue and entry fee will be announced later on, so keep an eye out for details which will be posted here. But for now stick this one in your diary, it's looking like it will be a cracking evening.
John will be talking about his 45lb'er no doubt, along with the other huge fish to have graced his net over the years; plus spinning some of his famous yarns about other anglers he's met in the boat and on the banks on the Broads. He'll also be bringing Charlie Bettell's closest fishing buddy Tony Myhill in a special tribute to Charlie.
Expect to come face to face with the "Urinator" and "Turdinator" lures!!!
A blockbuster indeed, one not to be missed, this will be John's one and only talk by the way.
Essex have just lauched their own Blog site which will keep uou up-dated on all that is going on. The blog can be found HERE